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How to Set Your Escort Rates

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Working as an independent escort means that you get to be your own boss. However, as the one in charge, you will also need to make some tough decisions such as setting your rates. As one of the top international escort directories, we at Infinite Escorts can help you figure out your price. We happen to be well-versed on the topic, especially given that some of the best independent escorts Sydney has to offer are listing their services with us.


Know Your Value
Usually, newbie private girls make one major mistake when setting their rates — they under price themselves. For the most part, escorts who are starting out in the industry feel that they lack experience in the field. As a result, they price their services too low. Still, your amount of experience is only one of the many criteria that you need to consider when adjusting your rates.

For starters, many clients are willing to pay more for escorts who offer a wider range of services. So, if you are mainly planning to do dinner dates, for example, your rates should be on the lower end. In contrast, if your portfolio includes steamier experiences such as erotic massages, don’t hesitate to raise your prices a bit.

Also, the abundance of private girls Sydney has makes this business quite competitive. Therefore, you will need to invest in your appearance to attract more clients. As a rule, the more money you spend on beauty procedures, makeup and gym membership, the higher your rates can be.

Finally, don’t forget that feedback from customers is always important. In fact, if you have a high rating on Infinite Escorts’ website, you will enjoy more offers. So, once the positive reviews start coming in, you can adjust your rates by increasing them.


Investigate the Market
When setting your prices, make sure you also check how much other girls earn per hour. Go online and browse the listings on Infinite Escorts to get an idea of how much your competition makes.


Higher Rates Do Not Always Mean More Money
As in any other business niche, clients steer clear from pricey services. Therefore, you should also avoid overpricing yourself. Otherwise, your career in the industry will end before it even starts.

Usually, the average hourly rate for escorts in Australia varies between $350 and $600. So, let that price range serve as your reference point.

In our experience, even the best independent escorts Sydney has to offer rarely charge more than $700 per hour. What’s more, these girls tend to reduce their rates for their regular clients because regulars provide stability. So, even for the best in business, higher prices do not always mean more money.


Hopefully, we have managed to help you set your rates. As you can see, if you want to be among the top-earning independent escorts Sydney has, you must know your value. Fortunately, if you make a mistake, you can adjust your rates at any time because you are your own boss.


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