anal sex for beginners

Anal Sex for Beginners

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Although anal sex has been around since time immemorial, some people continue to view it as a taboo. Still, if you are curious about this practice, don’t let anyone stop you from giving it a go. Infinite Escorts want your first anal adventure to be unforgettable, we’ll help you find gorgeous Melbourne escorts with “off-roading” experience. To prepare you, we will first share a few tips on anal sex for beginners.

Origins of Anal Sex

Contrary to popular belief, anal intercourse did not originate in Ancient Greece. According to archaeologists, the practice existed in different parts of the world long before the time of the Ancient Greeks. For example, there’s evidence that sex from behind was popular among the South American tribe Moche. Also, many islander communities in the Asian Pacific had a thing for anal play.

Another common myth about anal intercourse is that it was practiced only by homosexual men. In reality, many couples from ancient civilizations used anal penetration as a birth control method. For the most part, however, people from the past took sexual “back rides” simply because they enjoyed the experience.

Tips for Practicing

Fortunately, the rise of pornographic culture in the last few decades has erased stigma towards anal intercourse.  As a result, more and more men and women are now having anal adventures. So, the great versatility of anal escorts Melbourne offers should not come as a surprise to you. Anal sex is no longer a big deal! Still, if you are yet to try anal penetration, you may feel a bit nervous at first. Luckily, we can show you the ropes.

Preparing for Anal Intercourse

If you plan to be on the receiving end of the anal play, you will need to clean up first. For starters, try going to the toilet at least half an hour before showtime. Then, use an enema or anal douche for deeper cleaning.

Also, unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce lubrication. So, don’t forget to have a lube ready.
Basic Safety Precautions
Although anal sex can’t lead to pregnancy, it can result in SDT or an infection. After all, this part of our bodies is filled with bacteria. Therefore, always practice anal intercourse with a condom.

Do It With Someone Experienced
As you can see, making the most of anal sex requires some prep work and a bit of experience. So, it’s always best if you have your first anal intercourse with someone who knows what they are doing.

For instance, consider making your anal sex debut with one of our Melbourne escorts. Our sultry girls are always up for an anal adventure. Plus, some of them are experts in this niche. Therefore, your pleasure will be guaranteed.


Hopefully, our beginner’s guide to anal intercourse was helpful to you. If you wish to meet some of the best anal escorts Melbourne has, check out Infinite Escorts special offers’ page. There you can schedule a date with some of the best Melbourne escorts without having to part with a fortune.


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